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  • swede / Brassica napus (Napobrassica Group) 'Marian'
  • Eventual height: 0.4m
  • Eventual spread: 0.4m

Swede 'Marian'

swede / Brassica napus (Napobrassica Group) 'Marian'

Pot size approx 900 seeds
approx 900 seeds

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: light and fertile

    An allotment staple for winter cooking, producing richly-flavoured roots for casseroles and roast dinners right through the cold weather. The big, handsome purple-topped globes have a deep orange, sweet flesh and are very reliable: resistant to both clubroot and mildew, the roots store very well and will keep you in hearty veg right through winter.

  • Growing Instructions:Swede dislikes being transplanted, so sow direct where it is to grow in shallow drills. As seedlings emerge thin to final spaces of 10-15cm. Protect against slugs and keep well-watered to prevent roots turning woody. The roots can stay in the ground until you need them: alternatively store in boxes of damp sand in a frost-free shed. You can also eat the green leaves: pick sparingly to leave enough to keep the root developing, and cook like spring greens.

  • Sow: May to June

  • Harvest: October to November

  • Approximate quantity: 900 seeds.


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