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Mulch mats for strawberries / lettuces - the straw alternative

pack of 10 £4.99
And so to beding, give your strawberries or lettuce some extra protection and – ‘tuck them in’ by placing these organic fyba mats around the base of the plants. The mats will protect the crops from soil and rain splashes, keep lower leaves clean and dry, help suppress weeds and help deter slugs.

Also suitable for newly planted shrubs and roses.

Goes well with

  • Arbutus unedo


    3 litre pot (30cm)

    strawberry 'Honeoye'

    strawberry - early season fruiting

    10 runners

    Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite'

    strawberry - mid season fruiting

    10 runners

    strawberry 'Albion' (PBR)

    everbearer strawberry - autumn season fruiting

    10 runners

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