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  • Alstroemeria collection

Alstroemeria collection

Alstroemeria collection

5 year guarantee
1 collection £12.99
1 collection £12.99

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

    Buy our Alstroemeria collection of 3 plants (1 of each variety) for £12.99, or buy 2 collections for £25.98 and receive a third collection free. That's 9 Alstroemerias in total (6, plus another 3 free!). All supplied as bare root plants.

    • Position: full sun or partial shade
    • Soil: fertile, moist, well-drained soil
    • Rate of growth: slow growing to average
    • Flowering period: June to September
    • Hardiness: fully hardy

      Outstanding perennials, which put on a prolific display of colourful, funnel-shaped flowers over a long period throughout summer and well into autumn. The Peruvian lilies in this collection are fully hardy, and will make hard-working additions to the border, while their flowers are also good for cutting and can last up to two weeks in a vase. The species are found colonising open grassland and rocky hillsides in South America, so they thrive in fertile, well drained soils, which are reliably moist throughout the summer. Resentful of root disturbance, they should be left undisturbed in the garden until they have formed a good-sized clump. They will also benefit from the protection of a dry mulch in winter for their first few years. Care should be taken when handling them as contact with foliage or the sap may aggravate skin allergies.

      In each collection you will receive 3 bare root plants of each of the following:

    • Alstroemeria 'Saturne' (Planet Series) The large outer tepals of this exotic-looking cultivar have heart-shaped tips and a warm apricot-yellow hue, while the yellow inner petals have numerous near-black markings. More compact than many of the other Peruvian lilies, it is equally suitable for growing in containers or the border. Grows to 65cm.

    • Alstroemeria 'Uranus' (Planet Series) Sugar pink petals, which are highlighted by the flashes of golden yellow and rich maroon markings, create tropical-looking flowers, that top the upright stems from early summer. They are stunning in the border, especially when planted in bold drifts, and they will also make colourful and long-lasting cut flowers. Grows to 90cm.

    • Alstroemeria 'Venus' (Planet Series) Creamy white petals, that are infused with pink, surround the more colourful inner petals, which also have yellow flashes and small maroon streaks. A very pretty Peruvian lily that will blend easily with pastel shades, stronger pinks or white. They are excellent for cutting too. Grows to 90cm.

    • Garden care: Alstroemerias will need some protection in their first year or two, so only plant out when all danger of frost has passed. Set the bare roots out carefully onto well-prepared soil, or if planting into pots, use a good multi-purpose compost. The plant will grow from the rhizome, not the fleshy storage bulb, so it is important that any bud on the rhizome is pointing upwards before being covered with 7-8cm (3") soil. Keep the soil moist whilst the plant starts to grow and develop, which should be in spring. Newly planted Alstroemerias should be given a very generous 20cm (8") deep mulch of chipped bark in their first winter to help the plants become established. In subsequent autumns, provide a dry mulch of bracken or bark chippings to help protect the crowns. After flowering cut back the faded flower-stems, but make sure you always wear gloves when working with Peruvian lilies, as contact with the foliage may cause skin irritation.
    • May cause skin allergy