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Bulbs for Christmas collection - 46+23 Free bulbs

bulb collection

2+1 FREE collections £50.97 £33.98
£50.97 £33.98
Buy one collection of 23 bulbs for only £16.99, or buy 2 for £33.98 and get a third collection FREE.

When potted up and grown on indoors, the bulbs in this collection will create a bright and cheerful display that can be used to dress the Christmas table. Once flowering has finished, they can be planted outside, where they will go on to flower year after year. They make excellent gifts for friends and growing instructions will be sent out with each order.

In each collection you will receive the following:

10 × Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva'
Often in bloom just eight weeks after planting, paperwhites are much loved for their small white flowers, which appear in generous trusses for up to a month in a cool room. Their sweet perfume is outstanding. Grows to 40cm.

10 × Narcissus cyclamineus 'Tête-à-tête'
This popular miniature daffodil is noted for its free-flowering nature and ability to thrive in most soils. It produces between one and three well-proportioned golden-yellow blooms per stem, each with a slightly paler perianth. Grows to 20cm.

3 × Hyacinthus orientalis 'Delft Blue'
Densely packed racemes top stout upright stems carrying violet-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers that have a darker stripe down the centre of each petal. They have a delicious fragrance and are excellent for cutting. Grows to 30cm.

Garden care: The 'Tête-à-têtes' will need to be 'forced', which basically means tricked into thinking it is spring. The best way to do this is to pop the bulbs into a paper bag before they are potted up and keep them in the bottom of the fridge for 4-6 weeks. After they come out of the fridge, the warmer temperatures signal to the plant that spring has sprung and it's time for them to start growing. The hyacinths and the paperwhites do not need this treatment and can be potted up straight away.

When it comes to potting up your bulbs, put on some gloves and partially fill a pot with a good quality compost, or (if the pot does not have drainage holes) bulb fibre. Place the bulbs so they are close, but ideally not touching, with their growing tips pointing upwards. Infill with some more compost so that the growing tips are just protruding and water sparingly.

At this stage, the hyacinths and 'Tête-à-tête's' will need a cool, dark spell, as this will encourage good root growth. This is important, as without healthy roots the plants won't have enough energy to flower well. The best place for these pots then is in a black bin liner in the shed. Keep an eye on them occasionally though to make sure the compost does not dry out completely - but avoid overwatering. When the growing shoots are about 5cm tall, the pots can be taken out of the bag and brought inside to a cool room away from direct sunlight. When the leaves green up, they can be moved closer to a window, but for a longer-lasting display keep them well away from central heating radiators. At this stage, you can water them more often and turn the pots every couple of days.

Technically, the paperwhites do not need this cold, dark treatment in the shed, but as it encourages root growth, you may get a better display if they do go through it.

After they have finished flowering, all the bulbs can be planted outside in the garden (the paperwhites will need a sheltered spot), where they will flower again the following spring.
  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs
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