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ceramic windowsill herb gift set

gift set

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gift set £11.99 £10.19
£11.99 £10.19
    A great gift for anyone who likes to cook and like to keep fresh herbs close to hand. The set contains three glazed ceramic pots, all of which have been embossed with a country life label, sufficient compost to fill them, and packets of basil, chive and parsley seed. There is also a matching ceramic tray as well as easy to follow growing instructions.

    Growing Instructions: Place three quarters of the compost into each pot and moisten. Scatter a thin layer of seed (saving some for re-seeding at a later date) and then cover with a very thin layer of compost. Moisten again (a spray mister will do the job easily) and place them on a warm, well-lit windowsill inside the house. Keep the compost moist but not waterlogged and after a few weeks you should be able to start harvesting the crop.

    Each gift set includes 3 x ceramic pots measuring 8.5 x 7.5cm, a ceramic tray measuring 25 x 8cm x 2cm, compost, basil, chives and parsley seeds, and full instructions.