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  • Eventual height: 0.05m
  • Eventual spread: 0.05m

cress 'Curled'

curled cress

approx 3500 seeds £2.29
  • Position: a sunny windowsill inside, or partial shade outdoors
  • Soil: moist

    You can have super-fast crops even if you haven't got a garden with this incredibly easy-to-grow salad ingredient. The crisp, crunchy shoots have a tang that adds a lovely texture and flavour to salads or sprinkled in sandwiches, and what's more you'll have a crop within little more than a week from your kitchen windowsill.

  • Growing Instructions: You don't even need any compost: simply fold a sheet of kitchen towel into the bottom of a small punnet or takeaway tray and damp it down, then sprinkle seed over the top. Place on the windowsill and keep damp at all times. Once seedlings produce green leaves and are about 3cm high, snip off near the base as required. Alternatively, children will love to fill half an eggshell with dampened cotton wool and sow the seeds into the top to create cress heads, complete with green 'hair', which they can then paint the face on.

  • Sow: All year round

  • Harvest: A week to 10 days after sowing
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