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Willow kit for dome or wigwam

Willow kit for dome or wigwam

2m (6-7ft) diameter £101.99

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • In this kit you will receive:
  • 10kg - 10ft main uprights (approx 30 rods)
  • 5kg - 8ft diagonals
  • 2kg - 4-5ft non-living weaving

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moist, but well drained
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Not only will these willow structures be fun to plant and then watch them grow and take shape, children will love making it their den and secret hiding place!

    These structures are made using living willow which is freshly cut and sold between February and April. This is the best time to plant, so there will be times when there is no availablity but please do click 'Email me when available' and we will contact you as soon as we start taking orders for the next season.

    As the willow rods are living plants, once you receive your kit make sure you place the plants in water to keep them alive until you are able to plant.

    To create your wigwam or dome you will need a clear flat space, approx 2m (6ft 6") in diameter to mark out a circle, with clear access to the front entrance of the structure.

    There are a few extra bits that you will need to help you get going: spade, tape measure, marker pegs (these you can make out of the willow rods), spike to make holes to plant the willow rods, biodegradable twine, multi-purpose compost, scissors, secateurs and a watering can to water the willow when planted.

    Full instructions on how to plant the willow rods to create a wigwam or dome are included with the kit.

  • Garden care: Willow is tolerant of most soil types, but preferably not free draining. The varieties of willow in this kit do not have an invasive root system, however care should be taken not to plant too close to buildings or drains. Although willow is a hardy plant, we cannot guarantee vigorous growth as different types of soil and the geographic area can determine its success.

    All living willow features must be kept well watered, certainly for the first season. During the growing season new growth can be woven in, which will thicken up your feature. Gradually weave in the new living growth to replace the non-living bands. When dormant, trim back any unwanted growth. Remember what you are creating is not static, it will be continually developing and changing, and thicken up over time. That is the beauty of a living structure!
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