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  • hanging basket grow set

tomato 'Tiny Tim' hanging basket

hanging basket grow set

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Pot size hanging basket
hanging basket
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil

  • Growing Instructions: Open the bag of compost and empty contents into the hanging basket, keeping back a small amount to cover the seeds. Carefully open the seed sachet and scatter evenly over the compost. Cover the seeds with the remaining compost and lightly firm down and water well. Place a plastic bag over to create humidity or place in a green house at approx. 20c. Keep moist and await emerging shoots. Once the shoots appear, remove from the bag and place in a well-lit area. After the last frost the basket can be uncovered and placed outside.Tomatoes need a lot of water and feed to get the best fruit. Water little and often for the best results. feed your tomatoes with a general liquid feed until the first truss has formed then alternate with a high potash feed. This will encourage more flowers and fruit. Always sow seeds indoors and protect from frosty conditions.

  • Sow: January-May

  • Harvest: throughout the summer

  • Includes: wicker hanging basket, seeds and compost.

  • Basket size: 15cm tall