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This bulb dies back after flowering each year and enters a period of rest ahead of regrowth the following season.

  • Position: bright light
  • Soil: compost supplied
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: November to March (depending on when planted)
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Dimensions: 28cm L x 18.5cm W x 12cm H

    Expect a long-lasting, harmonious display of peachy-pink and purple Triumph tulips (up to 30cm tall) as part of this gift set. Once the flowers have faded, the bulbs can be planted out in the garden where they will continue to produce their complementary flowers each spring. After purchase store in a cool and dry place.

    This kit comes complete with a decorative metal planter, 7 x mixed tulip bulbs, potting compost and clear instructions to create a beautiful display for your home.

    Outdoor growing instructions: Making the compost - place the peat-free compost pellets in a suitable mixing container and add 1400ml of lukewarm water. Allow to stand and expand for 30-60 minutes, drain off any excess water and mix compost well. You may have more compost than you require and more water could be required if the compost mix is looking dry.

    How to plant (from August onwards): Half fill the planter with the compost. Place the bulbs with the nose upright and cover with more compost. Water sparingly so the compost is moist. Be careful not to overwater. Place the planter outdoors in a sunny sheltered position. Remove faded flowers regularly. Keep compost moist at all times.
    • Humans: Harmful if eaten; skin allergen; Pets: Ornamental bulbs - not to be eaten