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1.5m moss pole

150cm £16.99
Support tall and climbing houseplants with this sturdy pole. Perfect for plants with an upright habit, the pole gives aerial roots a place to attach and lets them absorb stored moisture.

Made from natural coco fibre wrapped around a plastic core with a Chinese fir wood spike for easy insertion. The tapered spike also slots into the top of our other moss poles, letting you join two to create the height you need (does not include poles supplied with our plants).

Please note: if purchasing to extend a pole you already have, check that the inner diameter is at least 2.2cm or the spike will not fit. Joined poles will never be as stable as a single pole, so always buy a single longer pole for heavier houseplants.

Measurements (approx):
Overall - Ø4.5cm x H150cm
Spike - Ø2.2cm x H15cm