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Bird feeding hut on stake - eau de nil

A simple contemporary metal bird feeding hut with a conical spun aluminium roof and removable round tray for easy cleaning.

Once driven into a solid area of ground this bird feeder is very stable. The ‘dogs leg' second spike welded onto the base of the stake for extra stability provides the perfect ledge to place the force of your foot to help drive it straight and level into the ground.

An elegant and practical alternative to wooden tables for modern gardens, the hut provides shelter and cover for smaller birds and requires minimal assembly.

It’s great for all species of smaller garden birds including robins. Pigeons will struggle to squeeze through the gap between the roof and bowl.

Made from mild steel with an aluminium roof finished in eau de nil. Includes drainage holes in the tray base.

W33cm x H144cm (including 16cm ground spikes)