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Classic terracotta pot

Ø9cm × H7.6cm £0.89
This classic Victorian pot was incredibly popular in an era when British gardening was the model for the rest of the world.

Practical then and still stylish now, this pot has exceptional uniformity, consistency and beauty. Perfect for all plants and available in a range of sizes. Frost-proof down to -15 degrees C and supplied with drainage hole.

We recommend using the 11cm x 9cm high pots in our cast iron pot holders.

Measurements (approx):
Ø9cm × H7.6cm
Ø11cm × H9cm
Ø15cm (base Ø9.5cm) x H13.4cm
Ø19cm (base Ø11.5cm) × H17.5cm
Ø23cm x H19.5cm
Ø29cm (base Ø17cm) x H23.4cm
Ø33cm x H27cm
Ø35cm x H29cm
Ø37cm x H31cm
Ø43cm x H35cm
Ø47cm x H40cm
Ø50cm x H41cm
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