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Deep rootrainers

32 cells £8.99
£17.98 £12.99
Rootrainers provide the perfect start for seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings, especially those plants that need deep root runs or are sensitive to root disturbance.

They encourage optimum root formation promoting strong, straight roots which help give the plants a better start when transplanted. Also the rectangular shape of each plant cell has a greater surface area and each cell is grooved which encourages more roots to develop on the outside of the plug.

Our 32 cell pack contains instructions, 32 reusable cells that are 12cm deep. It also comes with a black plastic holding tray to keep your cells upright, and a clear plastic lid, which has a dual use. Either use it as a cover to keep your seeds warm during propagation, or turn it upside down and use it as a water reservoir.

Rootrainers are ideal for sweet peas, all perennial flowers and deep rooted vegetables and fruit, such as runner beans and strawberries.

Our double pack (64 cells) contains instructions, 64 reusable cells that are 12cm deep plus 2 black holding trays and 2 clear lids/water reservoirs.
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