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Flopro smart flo next generation hose system

30m £67.99
  • Anti-kink and leak-free
  • 75% thinner than traditional hosepipes
  • Flexible in all weather conditions

A breakthrough in garden watering, the innovative 30m Flopro No Kink hose system is the first hose designed to unkink itself.

When not in use, it’s flat and ultra-flexible. The compact design takes up less space than a regular hose and is easier to wind around your hose reel or cart.

As water flows through it the hose expands, pushing out kinks and twists to ensure an unimpeded, leak-free flow.

The hose can also be connected up to sprinklers and other watering accessories, and is compatible with all other brands.

Set includes a 30m hose, 2 x hose connectors and a watering nozzle. Supplied with a 30-year guarantee.
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