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Green basics stack and grow - green

  • Grow healthy food in minimal space
  • Recycled and fully recyclable
  • Sustainably produced using wind energy

These Green Basics stack & grow planters are a great space-saving way to grow your own fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs at home - ideal for balconies and patios.

They slot securely together and can be stacked up in a variety of ways, up to 3 planters high, to make use of vertical space. You can add or take away planters during the season as needed.

The large openings on all sides ensure plants get sufficient air and light, and four holes in the base allow excess water to drain away easily.

For planters on the ground, it’s a good idea to add a layer of hydroleca before adding the soil to provide extra drainage and ensure roots never get too wet.

After enjoying all your crop, the planters can be neatly nested one inside the other to take up minimal space until the next growing season.

W50cm x D35cm x H36cm
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