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Ladybird and insect lodge

  • Sustainable FSC timber
  • Natural eco-friendly pest control
  • Perspex viewing window

Give ladybirds and other beneficial insects a safe retreat and encourage them to stay in the garden with this cosy habitat.

Designed with a lower chamber of bamboo tubes ideal for overwintering ladybirds, lacewings and invertebrates, it attracts natural aphid predators to come and settle in.

With these voracious aphid eaters around (ladybirds can eat up to 50 a day), you can keep them under control naturally and reduce use of chemical insecticides.

The hinged roof opens so you can drop in natural materials - rose cuttings, twigs, bark, straw, etc - to help tenants settle in, and the Perspex side window allows easy observation.

Drilled holes in the wooden front ledge will also accommodate nesting solitary bees, another great gardener’s friend who will boost pollination of plants and flowers to help your garden thrive.

16cm × 12cm × 26cm
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