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Miracle-Gro ericaceous continuous plant food

1kg shaker jar £6.99

  • Healthy growth and greener foliage
  • Suitable for pots, containers and beds
  • Lasts up to 6 months - no need for regular feeding

Treat ericaceous, acid-loving or lime-hating plants to a feed that will nourish them the whole season, eliminating the need for regular feeding.

Formulated with six essential nutrients including magnesium and iron, the granules have a special coating that controls the supply of food to meet plants’ needs. The warmer it gets, the faster plants grow, so more nutrients are released to fuel them.

Within 2 weeks, plants will be bigger, stronger and healthier, with more flowers and greener leaves. One application provides a steady supply of nutrition lasting up to 6 months.

This 1kg shaker jar covers 13 square metres. For best results, use between March and September.