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Miracle-Gro rose and shrub continuous plant food

1kg £6.99
  • Boost flowers, foliage and scent
  • Lasts up to 6 months - no need for regular feeding
  • Easy application

Grow stunning roses and shrubs with up to twice as many blooms, heady fragrances and greener leaves with this easy once-a-season feed.

Using patented slow-release technology, the granules will nourish roses and shrubs for up to 6 months with one application, eliminating the need for regular feeds.

Suitable for all plants, whether in containers, pots, beds or borders, it contains a unique mix of five essential nutrients to boost plant vitality, including extra magnesium to encourage strong, healthy growth.

To use, gently fork the granules into topsoil or mix thoroughly with compost in spring. Follow instructions for dosage guide.
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