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Oban garden bench

  • Pre-treated with a weather resistant PU coating
  • FSC-certified wood
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty*

This elegant three-seater Oban bench is the perfect place to sit and admire the garden this summer.

The bench is robustly constructed with side struts to give the legs extra strength and stability. Carved circular detail adds a decorative touch to the back.

As with all items in the Oban outdoor furniture range, the bench is produced from sustainably sourced moisture and insect repellent eucalyptus. It has also been treated with a water-resistant weathered finish which looks great in the garden.

An attractive bench that works well as a standalone statement piece but can also be combined with the rest of the Oban range. Supplied part-assembled.

H82.2cm x W54.4cm x L135cm
Seat height 45cm

*Subject to compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for assembly, usage and maintenance as supplied with the product.

Safety and Care Advice

To extend the product life and appearance it is advisable to store the furniture in a cool dry place over winter or during periods of unseasonal weather. Ensure that the furniture is clean and completely dry before putting into storage. Do not enclose the product in a plastic or other non-permeable material as this promotes the growth of mildew and mould. Cover it with a dust sheet or furniture cover, allowing air to circulate around it.

Clean regularly with a very mild warm soapy solution to remove dirt and grease and acidic animal droppings. Avoid strong detergents or pressure washers, which may damage the paint finish.

You may experience some minor surface cracking as the timber expands and contracts with changes of humidity, but this will not affect the structural performance of your furniture.

  • > Never drag furniture when moving it, always lift it.

  • > Periodically check all fixings to ensure none have come loose and re-tighten where necessary.

  • > Take care when handling or moving furniture as careless handling may cause damage or injury.

  • > Ensure that the furniture is always on a solid and level surface and the legs are in contact with the ground at all times.

  • > DO NOT use benches as a ladder, stand or jump on benches or sit on the back of benches.

  • > Our benches are designed for domestic garden use and not for public seating such as street or park furniture.
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