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  • Pot liner

Pot liner

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16cm £2.99 £2.54
16cm £2.99 £2.54
22cm £4.99 £4.24
27cm £6.99 £5.94
35cm £8.99 £7.64
Adapt any outdoor pot for indoor use with these waterproof pot liners. Made from soft and flexible plastic, they will easily slot into place and can be trimmed to the right depth with scissors for a perfect fit.

Protects indoor floors and surfaces from water stains, keeps the interior of pots pristine and ensures root systems are surrounded with moisture to keep plants hydrated.

Please note: choose the correct diameter and height for your pot while taking into account the internal diameter of the access hole.

Ø16cm x H18cm
Ø22cm x H20cm
Ø27cm x H26cm
Ø35cm x H33cm

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