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  • Scoot fox repellent

Scoot fox repellent

100gm box £9.99 £7.99
100gm box £9.99 £7.99
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Humane and effective
  • Safe for children, wildlife and plants

Scoot is a patented non-toxic repellent used to keep foxes away from protected areas. Reacting with the foxes’ own scent spray, it creates a rival marking odour, fooling foxes into thinking the territory has been ‘claimed’ so they move on to pastures new.

To use, dissolve in water and spray out a 2 metre wide perimeter barrier around the area you want to protect. Observing foxes to see where they mark and looking out for scorched areas of lawn will help identify specific areas to target.

A watering can may be used, but a pressure sprayer best mimics the scent marking characteristics of the animal and makes it easier to apply evenly.

The scent will last for up to a month, but you may need to reapply after heavy rain. After light rain, the repellent effect usually returns once the treated areas have dried.

When first applied, you will often see increased scent marking activity as a ‘scent war' is waged. After the second application this activity will decrease, and typically after 3-4 applications the foxes will move on. Apply your second spray a week after the first, followed by one or two more at fortnightly intervals.

Makes up to 18 litres with a coverage of approximately 35sqm.