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Slug trap

slug trap £7.99
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The Slug X slug trap is great for helping to get rid of all those slugs and snails in the garden. It has a base with three drowning wells and four funnelled access openings giving the slugs plenty of opportunity to enter the trap. By using beer in the wells and with the tight fitting lid in place, the smell of beer builds up inside luring the pests in to the trap. Once inside they become so dizzy with the smell they can't find their way out and end up falling in one of the wells.

It is not meant to be buried in the garden so can be moved from place to place to clear the garden of slugs and snails.

This great trap is chemical free so will not harm wildlife, and is made from 99% recycled material.

The Slug X trap has already won a number of 'Best Buy' recommendations and was used by independent testers for The Daily Telegraph, who caught 147 slugs in just one night! They said it also collected snails too!