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Slugless - pet safe spiky slug & snail deterrent - 3 sizes

5kg £11.99
  • Deters slugs and suppresses weeds
  • Adds nutrients and holds moisture
  • Neutral aroma and chemical free

Voted a Kitchen Garden magazine ‘Best Buy’ for 2018, 100% organic SlugLess is a natural slug and snail deterrent made from sustainable British spiky straw.

Supplied in clean, easy-to-use pellets, it can be easily applied to beds, borders, pots, baskets and containers to protect fruit, flowers and vegetable crops.

Just scatter the pellets one layer thick, water well and they will expand up to 4 x their size to form a rough protective crust on the soil’s surface.

Slugs and snails quickly learn to avoid this uncomfortable crust, which irritates and dessicates them as they try to cross it.

The pH neutral layer also seals in moisture and keeps out weed seeds to reduce the need for watering and weeding, and slowly releases nutrients and humus into soil as it biodegrades over the season. Over time, the rich earth brown colour will darken to add an appealing decorative flourish.

100% child, pet and wildlife friendly and safe to handle without gloves. Available in 2kg, 5kg or 10kg packs.
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