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Spruce hedgehog home

Hedgehogs can be a marvellous friend to gardeners - munching on snails and slugs who would otherwise be feasting on our plants. So it makes perfect sense to make them feel right at home.

This cosy hog house is specially designed to make them feel comfortable and safe when hibernating or raising hoglets.

Built from sturdy spruce timber, it features a restricted ‘porch’ opening to prevent cats, dogs, foxes and other large animals from getting in, but has ample space inside for a single hedgehog or new little family.

The domed roof is robust enough to stand up to accidental assaults from garden strimmers - or standing on by curious pets!

The wood is dip-treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain, but should not be retreated with conventional stain as chemicals can be harmful for the inhabitants.

For your best chance of attracting hedgehogs, we advise placing it in a quiet, sheltered part of the garden - preferably against a wall or fence. A scattering of leaves, dry grass or other natural debris on top and inside the house will make it even more appealing.

W40cm x D33cm x H20cm
Door - W11cm x D7cm x H13.5cm
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