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  • Westland Gro-Sure smart cover

Westland Gro-Sure smart cover

100 litre bag £10.99
100 litre bag £10.99
4 for 3 £43.96 £32.97
  • 100% natural mulch
  • Protective and decorative
  • Locks together to stay in place

This Gro-Sure smart cover mulch offers a natural barrier to suppress weeds and lock in moisture that stays put far better than traditional mulch.

Made from wood fibres that lock together when watered, it will stay in place even on slopes to give beds and borders a neat weed-free finish. Compared to bark, it offers 50% more coverage and 75% more effective weed suppression at only 1/3 of the weight.

To use, remove weeds (including roots of perennials), water plants and soil, spread an even 3cm layer over the soil’s surface and water well. The cover will stay effective for years, but may need occasional replenishment to maintain a thick enough surface layer.

Contains 100 litres - enough for 5 square metres of ground or around 39 large round pots (40cm).