Darlac long handled bulb planter

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£22.99 £18.39
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  • Long handle prevents bending and back strain
  • Honed edge for easy cutting
  • Strong hardwood and carbon steel

This long-handled planter will help you create quick, easy planting holes for bulbs, potatoes, seedlings and more.

With a sharp carbon steel cutting head, it slices through soil to remove a plug of earth and leave a generous 6cm wide x 10cm deep hole. Just position and press down firmly with the outside of your foot to cut.

The extra-long handle lets you exert plenty of force while staying upright, easing back strain and helping you balance.

To help you get into a rhythm and avoid repeated bending, you shouldn’t need to stop and remove the plug of earth each time - the next cut will push it out. Create as many holes as you need, then simply kneel down to plant and replace the soil.

Perfect for planting at a uniform depth to create neat, even displays of flowers and crops.

Please note: in heavy clay soils, you may need to manually remove plugs of soil from the tool in order to make the next planting hole.

Ø6cm x L141cm
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