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Hooded jiko fire pit warmer + FREE fire starter dome

Traditional Jiko burners are used in Kenya for both cooking and keeping warm beside the glowing embers. Open air dining is often accompanied by a hooded version sitting by the table.

This compact model is modestly sized to fit into smaller spaces, but will kick out plenty enough heat to keep you enjoying the garden long into the evening.

Made from iron with a fire retardant black paint, the entire Jiko heats up from top to bottom, radiating warmth from every surface – the hood capturing more heat than a standard open bowl.

When not in use, we suggest flipping over the bowl and storing it upside down so it won’t fill with rainwater (see ‘Assembly and care instructions’).

Supplied with FREE fire starter dome to help you get logs blazing. Just place a firelighter or kindling inside, stand logs up against it and light the firelighter to set them ablaze.

Ø52cm x H85cm

It is a feature of the Jiko that all surfaces will get extremely hot, so avoid touching when lit and keep children and pets well away. Suitable for outdoor use only. Always position away from buildings or combustible objects on a safe, level non-flammable surface. If using on a paved patio, place on an additional protective paving stone made from solid natural stone or concrete at least 5cm thick. This will avoid possible discolouration and cracking of your patio, as some mock slabs made from resin or ceramic may be susceptible to heat damage. Only for use with logs or charcoal. Never leave a lit Jiko unattended or move when lit. Allow to cool before emptying any ash.