Olla indoor pot waterer - grey

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  • Simple to use - top up weekly
  • Regulates water flow according to the needs of the plant
  • Avoids water waste

This olla irrigation pot is a simple way to give plants just the right amount of water and protect them from under and overwatering.

All you do is make a hole in the soil, bury the olla neck-deep and fill it with water. The ceramic is porous, so moisture will seep into the soil to water your plant right at the roots. While the soil is still moist, water will remain in the olla so it will never get too wet.

In time, your plant’s roots will attach themselves to the olla so they can draw out the water they need as and when. Much more efficient than the ‘feast or famine' glug of the watering can!

You’ll only need to top it up every week or so whenever it’s running low. Great for saving water and time, and a brilliant idea if you’re going away for a few days.

Handmade by artisan potters in Portugal. Finished in grey.

Ø8cm x H16cm