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Set of 3 rabbit proof dome cloches - lichen green

lichen green £89.99
Trio of generous hand-woven wire domed cloches with three spiked feet to secure into soil. Ideal for protecting seedlings and smaller plants from wildlife or damage by pets. Used in a group, they can also create a barrier to keep out larger pests.

In winter, placing the cloche over tender plants or spring bulbs will prevent snow from settling, making the ground less likely to freeze.

The domed design creates a subtle, understated presence that will blend in with the undulations of the plants in the border or kitchen garden.

Made from mild steel rod and 2mm gauge wire with a lichen green powder-coated finish. Their slight difference in size lets them nest neatly in the shed when not in use.

Please be aware that natural wear and tear may result in exposed metal areas that will rust over time.

Please note: remove protective rubber feet before use.

Small - Ø53cm x H27cm (plus 5cm feet)
Medium - Ø58cm x H29cm (plus 5cm feet)
Large - Ø62cm x H31cm (plus 5cm feet)