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  • Eventual height: 0.45m
  • Eventual spread: 0.4m

mixed oriental leaves

mixed oriental spicy leaves

approx 250 seeds £2.49
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil

    Turn up the heat with this tangy blend of pak choi, mizuna and perilla, chosen specially to give you a colourful mix of baby leaves to pep up your salads. It's a great choice for winter growing, as each variety is bone hardy and grows best in cooler weather: put your empty greenhouse to good use or grow under cloches.

  • Growing Instructions:Choose a spot in light shade and sow in shallow drills in well-prepared soil. Alternatively, broadcast thinly across a wider area and rake in. Late sowings can be made direct into the greenhouse in borders or containers, or outside under cloches. There is no need to thin seedlings: just keep well watered and protect against slugs. Pick individual leaves as required, or snip a row down to about 2cm above the ground with scissors and allow to regrow - you should get four or five harvests from each crop.

  • Sow: April-June and August-September

  • Harvest: July-October

  • Approximate quantity: 250 seeds.
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