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  • Eventual height: 0.25m
  • Eventual spread: 0.25m


mizuna or Brassica rapa subsp. nipposinica var. laciniata

approx 500 seeds £2.79
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile and moisture retentive

    Forming a large and decorative head, the glossy green, serrated leaves of this oriental vegetable can be picked and tossed into a mixed leafy salad, lightly cooked and used as a tasty side dish, or added to stir fries and soups. A delicious cut and come again crop that looks as good as it tastes, the pepper-flavoured foliage makes a versatile addition to the kitchen or ornamental garden.

  • Growing Instructions: Surface sow into well a prepared bed where they are to grow and keep them well watered, but not waterlogged. When they are large enough to handle, thin to 20cm if you are planning to pick the leaves while they are still young, or 40cm if you want them to mature fully. Early sowings can be undertaken in pots or trays under glass and hardened off fully before planting outside. Sowing a fresh batch of seeds every couple of weeks will ensure a steady supply of leaves throughout the summer.

  • Sow: March - August

  • Harvest: April - September
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