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  • floating heart
  • Eventual height: 0.1m
  • Eventual spread: 0.6m

Nymphoides peltata

floating heart

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Pot size 1 litre aquatic pot
1 litre aquatic pot
  • Position: full sun
  • Depth of water: 10-60cm
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Ultimate spread: 200cm +
  • Height above surface: 0-25cm
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Floating heart-shaped, somewhat mottled foliage quickly spreads to form a carpet from which upright stems emerge in summer, each topped with small fringed yellow flowers. Being such a fast grower, it is useful for adding interest to a newly established pond while slower plants are still becoming established.

  • Garden care: Happiest in still water, it should not be planted near a pond pump or fountain. Cut back to size if it gets too large and separate plantlets that have formed onrunners in summer.