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  • Eventual height: 0.5m
  • Eventual spread: 2m

pumpkin 'Hundredweight'

pumpkin or Cucurbita pepo 'Hundredweight'

approx 15 seeds £2.29
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil

    Give yourself a head start in pumpkin-growing competitions with this mammoth variety, specially bred to produce super-sized pumpkins. The plants are huge, so allow them plenty of space to scramble around, and pinch out all but one of the fruits to ensure they put all their energies into swelling the biggest, brightest orange pumpkin you've ever grown.

  • Growing InstructionsSow two seeds to a 10cm pot in late spring in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Pot on seedlings as they grow, then harden off carefully and plant out in a sunny, sheltered spot once all threat of frost has passed. Leave 90cm between each plant and protect from slugs. If space is limited, pinch out the growing tip after the main fruit has formed to keep the scrambling shoots in bounds, or train up a fence.

  • Sow: March-August

  • Harvest: All year round

  • Approximate quantity: 15 seeds.
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