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Bee barrel

  • Chemical-free untreated wood
  • Boosts pollination
  • Helps bee conservation

Encourage pollinating friends to make a beeline for your garden with this smart bee barrel.

Made from durable FSC-certified timber and styled like a traditional oak brewing barrel, it’s packed with canes to mimic solitary bees’ natural nesting habits.

Hang it in a sunny spot facing south or south east, up to 1.5m high, and watch these fascinating and industrious creatures get to work.

In the summer months, they’ll be busy filling all the canes with larvae, and the following spring the new generation of adult bees will emerge to start the cycle again.

You won’t need to worry about stings - the hole sizes are specifically chosen to appeal to friendly red mason, leafcutter and other non-swarming species who will only ever sting if roughly handled. Ideal for gardens frequented by children and pets.

17cm × 16cm × 18cm
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