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Brass flute hyacinth vase

single vase £19.99
This brushed spun brass fluted funnel sits elegantly inside a tapered clear glass vase, perfect for growing prepared hyacinth bulbs.

To enjoy their wonderful fragrance at Christmas and into the New Year, start growing your bulbs in September.

Fill the glass vase to just below the brass, then place the bulb in the cone. The water level should be just below the bottom of the bulb so roots are forced to grow down into it.

Keep the water topped up to this level and put in a dark place until the shoot is about 4-5cm tall. Move to a sunny spot indoors and watch it grow and burst into bloom.

If the water starts to get cloudy, gently lift the cone and bulb out of the vase and fill with fresh water.

Please note: hyacinth bulb not included.

Ø14cm x H16.5cm