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Brushed brass seed tray

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Striking seedling tray made from solid brushed brass. A lovely touch of opulence for the kitchen windowsill, perfect for giving seedlings a sunny start.

Over time, it will tarnish and age naturally - the metal can be brought back to its former glory with a quick rub of polish or a Brillo pad for tougher marks.

Available in a choice of widths to suit the available space. Supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

Please note: each tray is hand finished, so while we endeavour to make sure they are completely watertight, we advise checking before using on indoor surfaces.

L30cm x W12.5cm x H7cm

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are working closely with our partners to reduce plastics in our products and packaging. In some cases, we have not yet sourced alternatives that will protect our products sufficiently for transit. Please recycle any plastic packaging responsibly.
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