Carbon Gold biochar seed compost - 10 litres

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  • Great start for seedlings
  • Less watering, more fertility
  • Organic, all-natural ingredients

Carbon Gold Biochar Seed Compost is an organic growing medium with seaweed, wormcasts and mycorrhizal fungi to give your seedlings the strongest possible start.

Enriched with carbon-rich Grochar, organic coconut coir and mild plant nutrients, the blend provides plenty of nourishment for young plants and retains moisture for less frequent watering.

Promoting healthy root formation, when it’s time to plant out or pot on, your transplanted seedlings will “take” quickly in their growing positions. For best results, prepare the ground first using Biochar Soil Improver.

Produced using a clean technique which captures up to 70% of the carbon that would otherwise be released in to the atmosphere by burning or decaying. Carbon stays locked in almost indefinitely, so it’s as great for the environment as it is for your plants.

Contains 10 litres.