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Coco Dots coir plug pellets

30mm £6.99
  • Sustainable coconut husk compost
  • Organic and biodegradable
  • Plastic-free recyclable & compostable packaging

Simple to use and store, this box of 50 netted coir pellets makes it extra-easy to grow and plant out seedlings and cuttings.

Each pellet is wrapped a biodegradable net that rots away over time. When ready to plant out, pop the whole pellet straight into your patch or pot, minimising root disturbance to your young plants.

The peat-free compost is made from pH and nutrient-balanced coconut husks. With excellent aeration, drainage and moisture retention, the material promotes strong root growth to get plants off on the right foot.

Just place the number of pellets you’ll be using into a waterproof tray, add warm water and leave for a few minutes to rehydrate.

Once expanded, sow one or two seeds in the top of each and cover lightly (or push in a prepared plant cutting). Keep them damp until germination, and plant out in their final spot when they’re ready.

Pellet (when expanded) - Ø3cm x H6cm
Box - L21cm x W21cm x H7cm
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