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Fire pit guard

Ø55cm x H20cm £39.99
Mesh spark screen designed to fit our range of Crocus Collection fire pits to protect against flying debris.

Made from steel coated with a heat resistant black paint. Three small lugs around the rim allow these guards to fit securely on all of our own fire pits.

As flimsier domes can easily get misshapen, we’ve beefed these up by using 2mm thick steel straps to give them more strength and rigidity.

When the fire is lit, please make sure to only lift the guard with a suitable long-handled tool, and only when necessary. We’ve made the handle on top purposely small to remind you.

When not in use, we recommend storing it in a sheltered spot or using a suitable weather-resistant cover to keep it in good order.

Ø55cm (plus 2cm for V-shaped lugs) x H20cm
Weight 2.35kg