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Galvanised tray with 6 tall root trainer pods

Tall, slender and bottomless, we created these galvanised steel root trainers with sweet peas in mind, but they would work just as well for beans or other deep-rooted seedlings.

The extra depth gives roots plenty of room to grow, making for healthier, more resilient plants. The tray serves as a watertight reservoir so that the pods can soak up moisture evenly across the six.

A robust, lasting alternative to plastic that will provide many years of use, and a great gift for green gardeners.

Tray - L36.5cm x W12cm x H6cm
Pods - W6cm x D6cm x H12cm

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are working closely with our partners to reduce plastics in our products and packaging. In some cases, we have not yet sourced alternatives that will protect our products sufficiently for transit. Please recycle any plastic packaging responsibly.