Glazed ceramic pot - misty green

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These misty green glazed earthenware pots are a lovely rustic choice for indoor or outdoor plants. Gently ribbed and hand-glazed to create an organic natural look, with a smooth earthy brown rim for contrast.

Fired at very high temperatures for UV and frost resistance, the pots are suitable for year-round outdoor use. Supplied with pre-drilled drainage hole.

Care and maintenance

Raise the pot off the ground with pot feet, making sure the drainage hole is clear so it can drain freely. Arranging a few crocks in the bottom of the pot before adding your soil will help stop the hole from clogging.

Protect the pot from frost damage over winter by sealing it with wax, wrapping it in bubble wrap, fleece or newspaper, moving it to an unheated shed or greenhouse, or placing it in a sheltered spot.

If using for perennial plants, repot them when they outgrow the pot to stop roots from cracking the base. To know when it’s time to repot, check underneath the pot for roots starting to emerge from the drainage hole.

Please note: as with all glazed planters, there may be hairline cracks present in the glaze. These are only surface deep and will not compromise the structure of the pot in any way.

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