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  • Insect hotel

Insect hotel

Encourage a menagerie of beneficial insects to take up residence in the garden with this multi-chamber insect hotel.

Made from sustainable timber with a low-VOC painted roof, it includes a slotted section for butterflies and moths, drilled wood and bamboo tubes for friendly solitary bees, pine cones for ladybirds, and a chamber to fill with leaf litter in autumn to invite in lacewings and hoverflies.

The ladybird and lacewing sections are covered with a 6mm metal mesh to prevent access by harlequin ladybirds, who tend to predate on native species.

Install the hotel in a sheltered position close to, but not obscured by, vegetation on a sunny south-facing wall, tree or fence.

It needs no cleaning and should never be treated with any chemicals or wood treatments. All you’ll need to do is occasionally replace decomposed leaf litter.

The timber will weather over time and may develop small splits and attract lichen, but this will not affect the integrity of the hotel. Splits may even be used as additional habitats by some insects.

W28cms x D9cms x H40cms

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