Kindling cracker

Original Ø16.5cm £129.00
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  • Award-winning patented firewood splitter
  • Simple, safe and easy to use
  • No axe needed - use a mallet or hammer
  • Includes bolt holes for permanent mounting

Winner of multiple awards in its native New Zealand, this heavy-duty splitter makes it quick and easy to slice logs into kindling. Perfect for wood burners, firepits, smokers and traditional pizza ovens.

You don’t need an axe to use it, just a good heavy mallet or sledge hammer. All you do is place a piece of wood inside the safety ring resting on the splitting wedge, and strike it. The first blow will bed in the wedge, and a couple more will crack the wood into shards ready to use as kindling.

Built to last from a solid piece of top-grade recycled cast iron, it’s so safe and simple children can even use it with supervision. If well cared for, your grandchildren will be able to pass it down to their own. The only maintenance it needs is a bit of brushing off and a touch of paint from time to time to look like new for generations.

The Kindling Cracker Original is suitable for firewood up to 16cm in diameter. For larger wood, we recommend the bigger Kindling Cracker King, which will accomodate logs up to 22cm thick.

W22cm x D22cm x H31cm
Safety ring Ø16.5cm (internal)
Weight 4.8kg

W27.5cm x D27.5cm x H43cm
Safety ring Ø22cm (internal)
Weight 9.5kg