Niwaki sakagen flower scissors

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Elegant Ikebana-style Japanese flower scissors, perfect for cutting and arranging fresh flowers and foliage, deadheading, harvesting herbs, etc.

The steel blades have plenty of punch and will even handle a bit of woody pruning if you go off-piste. A coating of moisture-repellent fluorine helps to keep them clean and dry and stops them gumming up.

Finished with lightweight blue resin ergonomic handles for comfort. Top tip - put your index finger in the little indent above the handle to give you better leverage and control.

Look after your scissors by never using them on wire, stone, plastic or other hard materials and cutting on the diagonal. Use the tips for careful work and make bigger cuts further down the blades.

Clean and dry the blades after every use (water and washing up liquid is fine), apply a coat of camellia oil and store in a dry place. Sharpen every couple of weeks or as needed.

L18cm x W10.6cm (5.5cm blades)
Weight 137g
Max cut capacity 5mm
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