Niwaki Sentei garden scissors

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An elegant pair of traditional Japanese garden scissors, useful for cutting flowers, creating ikebana displays, deadheading and light pruning.

Forged from high carbon steel, these are strong yet delicate and offer plenty of accuracy for careful, deliberate cuts.

They’re refined, lightweight and compact with round handles that’ll fit perfectly into smaller hands. A great companion for all manner of little cutting jobs around the home and garden.

Look after your scissors by never using them on wire, stone, plastic or other hard materials and cutting on the diagonal. Use the tips for careful work and make bigger cuts further down the blades.

Clean and dry the blades after every use (water and washing up liquid is fine), apply a coat of camellia oil and store in a dry place. Sharpen every couple of weeks or as needed.

L17cm x W10cm (5cm blades)
Weight 188g
Max cut capacity 5mm
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