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Party fire log

These logs are a beautiful way to light up summer evening parties or take the edge off chilly evenings outdoors.

Made from seasoned pine harvested from managed forests in Eastern Poland, each has been split using a technique discovered by Swedish soldiers in the 17th century. This enables the fire to breathe and ensures that it will burn for approximately 2 hours in a controlled way.

How to use the 'Fire log'
Place in a safe spot, away from any flammable materials, buildings or trees, and on a fireproof surface like a fire basket, paving slab or gravel bed. Remove the label and wrapping and light from above using the firelighter inside the log (DO NOT use any fire accelerants). Enjoy your evening!

Safety info

For outdoor use only. Never touch or try to move the log once lit. Keep children and pets supervised at all times. Extinguish flames completely with water after use.

Measurements (approx):
Ø25cm x H50cm

Please note: measurements are a rough guide only. Individual log sizes may vary.
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