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Plant terrarium bottle 15 litre set

Bottle gardens are a fascinating way to see nature at work - the world shrunk down to miniature. Entirely self-sufficient, the enclosed displays recycle air, food and water in a balanced ecosystem that can thrive for decades without intervention.

This boxed starter kit contains a 15 litre belly bottle with cork, plus a telescopic fork and spoon that extend up to 59cm for easy planting. A truly original gift for any gardener or nature lover.

How to plant:

Pour in a 2cm layer of stones for drainage, a sprinkle of active carbon, a 5-7cm deep layer of houseplant soil and add in your plants (Saxifraga, Peperomia, Fittonia and Asplenium are all suitable), making sure roots are covered, and add water.

Once planted, all the display needs from outside is light, so place in a well-lit area out of direct sunlight. Leave the cork out of the bottle for the first week, place it half in for the second week, and if there is no more condensation after two weeks, fully close up the bottle.

Please note: bottle contents sold separately (see below).

Ø30cm x H44cm
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