Pot watering droplet - brass scallop

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£29.99 £26.99
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  • Simple eco-friendly water feature
  • Efficient targeted watering for pots/individual plants
  • Solid brushed brass with stainless steel stake

This brass scallop stake creates a serene symphony when it rains, pouring into your pot in a miniature waterfall.

The angled droplet catches and guides rainwater to the roots of individual plants. Push the stake in right at the base of the plant, standing it as straight as possible, to best direct the water flow.

Great for all containerised plants, including soft herbs, flowers and vegetable crops. They are sold individually, but you can also pair them up or cluster them for extra impact as shown.

They’ll also work well in the border, where the organic shape will sit unobtrusively among the foliage. The metallic surface brings a sense of light and warmth - particularly to a shady corner.

Made from untreated solid brass, the scallop will weather in a natural way to produce authentic earthy hues and tones.

If you prefer it as new, it can be removed from the stake to clean and restore it to a brushed finish. All you need is a little elbow grease and the scouring pad provided.

Please note: these are individually handcrafted pieces rather than machine made, therefore the precise size and/or finish may vary.

W18cm x L23cm x H66cm (inc. U-shaped foot to push into soil - L9cm x W3.5cm)
Scallop L28.5cm x W18cm x D3cm