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Rabbit proof cloche

large green £34.99
These popular domed wire cloches keep hungry deer, birds and rabbits off precious crops. In urban gardens they are useful for stopping the dog or cat trampling on your young plants.

In winter, placing the cloche over tender plants or spring bulbs will prevent snow from settling, making the ground less likely to freeze.

The 50mm spikes protruding from each corner can be pushed into the ground to help anchor the cloche in position. The ring on top is perfect for carrying them around the garden or hanging them in the shed when not in use.

The large cloche can be used with the extension listed below to increase the height. Perfect for small fruit bushes.

Produced from a steel rod frame seamlessly woven with a wire mesh and powder coated. Please be aware that natural wear and tear may result in exposed metal areas that will rust over time.

Please note: remove protective rubber feet before use.

Small - W40cm x D40cm x H44cm
Large - W45cm x D45cm x H52cm
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