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Seedballs urban meadow

urban mix £6.49

  • Easily transform bare ground
  • Suitable for beds, borders and pots
  • Includes chilli and clay for natural pest protection

Ideal for guerrilla gardening, these seedballs contain a vibrant mix of native wildflowers that are hardy enough to thrive in polluted urban areas. Scatter liberally to breathe colour and life into any area of bare soil and encourage bees and butterflies to visit.

Each ball contains a varied blend of seeds including cornflowers, musk mallows, cowslips and more. The seeds are mixed with peat-free compost and a pinch of chilli powder to deter pests, while the dried clay casing offers extra protection from birds, ants and mice.

No planting required, simply scatter on the surface of soil or compost in spring or autumn, water well and nature will do the rest.

Use around 20 balls per square metre for large areas or 3-5 in a medium sized pot. Sprouts should be seen from 2-6 weeks although regular watering may speed up the process.

Tin contains 20 seed balls, each with approximately 100 seeds.
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